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Shrine of Sheikh Noor ul Mobeen R.A Cape Town South Africa

Shaykh Noorul Mubeen shrine is reached by ascending the 99 steps leading to it from Victoria Road up the mountain slope. The tomb, a simple, recently renovated building, stands besides a stream. Other side of this stream is another set of steps leading to the grave higher up. Some believe the wife of Shaykh Noorul Mubeen lies buried here while others believe it is one of his followers. Shaykh Noorul Mubeen was apparently banished to the Cape in 1716 and incarcerated on Robben Island. According to a popular legend he escaped from Robben Island by unknown means and came to make his home in this desolate spot. Soon he made contact with the slaves on the estates in the area, teaching them mainly at night, the religion of Islam When he died, he was buried on the site where he had most frequently read his prayers. Those who visit the grave of Shaykh Noorul Mubeen find there is a quiet serenity, an ideal spot for meditation, away from the rigours of urban life.