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All praises are for Allah Almighty, who is beneficial out of the estimates. And utmost salutations in the name of dear Prophet ﷺ, who mercy out of the estimates. Islamic brothers, women’s and gentlemen! I thought of this era of conflicts, When secularism is everywhere and inquisition atmosphere and self-pride on procacity is common. If someone is involved in world, then he does not work in an honest way in any sector. If someone has knowledge claim then he is clear skirt about the practical. If someone is claiming spirituality then he is unfamiliar with the terms of this path. If someone claims is a service of humanity to this miserable suffering then he do not evaluate it.

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Muhabbat mission the mission that’s lead by Our beloved Spiritual Master Known all around the world as MASTWAAR QALLANDAR. His mission is to spread love to all mankind. He has truly given us the true meaning of Divine love and has enlightened our hearts with the dhikr that purifies our souls. and removes hatred jealousy greed lust regardless our Colour, Class, Race language and Religion.

It is the recognition of the truth and realisation of true oneness. Our Murshid teaches us the true meaning of love through tassawuf and elimination of nafs. Great mission, mashallah~

- Maria Taj

I just love it....This is is very helpful for me and for others too for their spirits's training.....we can improve our spirits and our life by learn spirtual lessons from this "Gentle Man"....

- Muskan Meer

Muhabbat Mission International is message of love and peace for humanity. Muhabbat Mission International conveys real message of Islam💯

- Saad Malik