Muhabbat Mission International

The Message of love

All praises are for Allah Almighty, who is beneficial out of the estimates. And utmost salutations in the name of dear Prophet ﷺ, who mercy out of the estimates. Islamic brothers, women’s and gentlemen! I thought of this era of conflicts, When secularism is everywhere and inquisition atmosphere and self-pride on procacity is common. If someone is involved in world, then he does not work in an honest way in any sector. If someone has knowledge claim then he is clear skirt about the practical. If someone is claiming spirituality then he is unfamiliar with the terms of this path. If someone claims is a service of humanity to this miserable suffering then he do not evaluate it.
In short, every department, regardless of the relationship from the world, whether it be religion, even if in a spiritual sense, has lost its original purpose and is involved. It is the period of sectarianism, and due to this anti-Muslim fundamentalists succeeding in their dirty intentions. All Muslims are brothers among themselves, by sectarianism they have been separated. Those Muslims who had so much pain to another Muslim that if a Muslim was not coming in the mosque for a single time then they all together went to ask, whether he is sick or any other problem. But now the situation is that both are thirsty of each other’s blood. There is a fire of hatred, malice and enmity. This is the spectacle of others. In these critical situations need the truth that all Muslims have to adopt one thing necessarily, and its name is love. This is a name that its work is to unite all the Muslims. Otherwise despite doing everything, every human being is without a name.
For this higher purpose; I, Peer Mastwaar Qalandar started a mission that is clean from sectarianism and politics. The Aim of this is that all the people to love one another and to love Allah Almighty and his Messenger ﷺ. All men and women belongs to this mission, work with honesty and cordially participate in the mission and participate in the Holy programs held in. Those who are followers of Peer Mastwaar Qalandar, it is necessary for him.

Until men and women will not work with religious zeal, it is difficult to find the destination. Our goal is to love one another, and moving with the imaginations of Sheikh to be mast in love of Allah and his Messengerﷺ.

A question, often moving in minds and many times were also asked to me that in the future you intend to create a political party, or intend to join the politics. Regarding this matter, I have clearly stated in speeches and prior we wrote that in the future neither we planned to make a political party, nor have concerns with the politics. I know why people take this type of question. That’s because of the silsila all over the country and the Mission’s work. Because by the day and night blessings of Allah, the work of the silsila and mission is expanding, but spread to every corner of the country has reached the Qalandar’s message. So in this view, it comes in the minds of many people that may be in future we have a plan of political party. But we have nothing to do with politics and sectarianism. We are just spreading the message of love to all human beings. In the end, pray Allah to bless all humans love in each other. Ameen.

Poetry Means: “We are moving to give a single line to the scattered people, to go with the misguided, By coloring the heart with love giving the way of love to muslim.”

Note: More details about Mastawaar Qalandar can be read in the book “Mehr-e-Munawar Shah-e-Qalandar”.