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Shrine of Syed Mahmood R.A Cape Town

Mahkdoom Mahmood Mastwaar Qalandar visit Shrine of Syed Mahmood R.A Cape Town South Africa

Sayed Mahmud was a spiritual and religious leader of the Malaccan Empire. He was one of the religious advisor captured with Shiekh Abdurahman Matebe Shah. He was also banished to Constantia in the Cape where the following inscription on his shrine on Islam Hill, Constantia appears:

“On 24 January 1667, the ship Polsbroek Left Bataavia and arrived here on 13 May 1668 with three political prisoners in chains. Malays of the West Coast of Sumatra, Who were banished to the Cape until further orders on the understanding that they would eventually be taken that they were not left at large as they were likely to do injury to the Company. Two were sent to the Company’s forest and one to Robben Island.”

The Shrine is situated some distance from the road on “Islam Hill” in Groot Constantia and has a beauty all of its own. The need to walk up the hill fills you with a desire to pay your respects to this noble saint is his majestic court.