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Shrine of Hazrat Syed Muhammad Hassan Ghaibie Shah R.A

Makhdoom Mahmood Mastwaar Qalandar visit on the shrine of Hazrat Syed Muhammad Hassan Ghaibie Shah . The shrine of Hazrat Syed Muhammadd Hassan Ghaibie Shah on Signal Hill is a place of peace, but also an important landmark in the history of Cape Town. He was a follower of Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar. On the death of Shaykh Yusuf and the return of his party to Banten, two of his followers and his daughter elected to remain behind. These men were learned teachers of Islam. There are other known graves as well. These are the graves of Tuan Nur Ghiri Bawa also Known as Tuan Galied, Tuan Sayed Sulaiman and Tuan Sayed Osman nearby.