"One beautiful night, Prevail all nights of life." ❤ "Prayer and medication are nothing without permission of God." ❤ "For IQ, Knowledge is not necessary but for knowledge, IQ is necessary." ❤ "Knowledge and IQ is essential for the understanding of spiritualism." ❤ "Great fortune, to have a heart." ❤ "A heart gets knowledge and understanding of life itself." ❤ "Allah's lover does not accept any status." ❤ "Whatever is ready, Faqeer accepts." ❤ "Good or Bad, Same for the Faqeer." ❤ "To Whom Allah be pleased with, People were subjected to his pleasure." ❤ "Allah took whichever his own, all creatures accept him as leader." ❤ "Honor place is in the heart and each heart has a respect." ❤

Makhdoom Mastwaar Qalandar says

You are welcome to share your emotions and join the mission of love which was started by our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammadﷺ and will never be ceased. In the presence of thousands of web sites your selection of Mastwaar Qalandar depicts your close intact with Islam. Every member of this group prays for you to Almighty Allah that He may keeps you intact with the reminiscences of His own and as well as with the everlasting love of his Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammadﷺ.


Love is the bridge between you and everything – Rumi

Throughout the history of mankind prophets, messengers, mystics and Sufi qalandars have tried to put an end to differences based on religion, creed, and caste by teaching UNITY IN DIVERSITY.  Sadly, today it appears as though almost every society around the world has lost its core values and ethics; people and nations are ‘at daggers drawn’, filled with immense greed, revenge and hatred for one another.

The entire philosophy of Sufism revolves around purification of the soul.  This is achieved through self-reflection and self-recognition – mediation on the divine conscience that unites all creation.  Love is the one true divine conscience that harmonizes and unites all creation.  Mohabbat Mission is the vision of Syed Mehmood ul Hassan Shah Khaki, Sufi Qalandar.  His aim is to spread this message of love, peace and harmony by teaching self-recognition (knowing your true inner-self), in order to achieve “Unity in diversity” among fellow human beings – no matter what their religion, creed or caste.  Makhdoom Mastwaar Qalandar’s vision is that only the emotion of ‘love for all’ can save humanity from colossal destruction.

  • Makhdoom Syed Mehmood-ul-Hassan Shah Khaki, also known as ‘Mastwaar Qalandar’ was born in Chakwal, Pakistan, and is the son of the Sufi saint Makhdoom Syed Rasool Shah Khaki (Siri Nagar, Kashmir).
  • Their bloodline is from Hassani-Hussaini Syed, the line of Hazrat Ali (R.A) and their ancestors include Ghous e Azam – Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani who was a great Sufi saint.  The family name ‘Khaki’ originates from Daud Shah Khaki (Siri Nagar, Kashmir 1521-1585) who was also a famous Sufi Saint and Chief Justice.
  • Makhdoom Syed Rasool Shah Khaki came to Lahore in 1940 and sometime after that arrived in the place which is now named after him – Makhdoom Pur Sharif, Chakwal.
  • Mastwaar Qalander has written a number of books in Urdu, including poetry, on Tasawwuf and Maarfat (spirituality).