Khaki Shah (R.A)

Syed Rasul Shah Khaki was born on the 9th of Ramdan, Monday, at ‘Zohar’ prayers at a place called Bolaam in Sirinagar (Indian held Kashmir). He is Najeeb-ut-Tarfain Syed and leave home at the age of 12 to preached Islam as Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) teaches the people of World. He was famous as Peer e Peeraan o Majzoobaan o Qalandaraan o Salikaan.

Mastwaar Qalandar

Peer Syed Mahmood ul Hassan Shah Khaki (D.B.Q) famous as Mastwaar Qalandar born in Chakwal  and started spreading LOVE through his “Mohabbat Mission International” for all the people in the world. According to him, this mission is the mission of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and he is preaching it to every one. He is here to remind people a promise which they made to Allah Almighty in the Alam-e-Arwaah.

Mohabbat Mission International

‘Mohabbat Mission’ is not new to know. It is as old as Allah Almighty is old. In other words Allah is Love or Love is Allah. Allah revealed His love through His prophets and His Oleya, saints. Syed Memood-ul-Hassan Shah, Mastwaar Qalandar, has also proceeded with the same mission which was the mission of His followers i-e to love His people for His love.

Mastwaar Qalandar says you are welcome to share your emotions and join the mission of love which was started by our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) and will never be ceased.

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