Qalandriya Gathering in Birmingham on 13th August

Locals attended meeting session which was held in Abdul Rehman’s home under the guidance of Peer Mastwaar Qalander. ” template=”default” slug=”Qalandriya-Gathering-Birmingham” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”1000″]Raja Nasir from SAMA TV, UK…


Holy Saint Beloved Peer Mastwaar Qalandar “The mission of every Faqeer is certainly right path and the soul of the right path is love of Allah and His Beloved Prophet…


ZIKR GATHERING UNDER SUPERVISION OF PEER MASTWAAR QALANDAR IN LEEDS, UK Guide us to the straight path, the path of the feeling and real connection of God. The path of…

Raja Nasir, SAMA TV UK

Yesterday locals attended meeting session which was held in Abdul Rehman’s home under the guidance of Peer Mastwaar Qalandar. Raja Nasir from SAMA TV, UK also attended the soulful session….

Visit to Noor-e-Madinah Islamic Centre

Peer Mastwaar Qalandar Visited Noor e Madina Islamic Center and Masjid, Hazrat was warmly welcomed by the Syed Hussain Anrabi Khaki who is the chairman of Ghousia Tv & also…

Saadat-e-Makkah tul Mukarrama

Delegation of Saadat e Makkah from Makkah tul Mukkarama under the supervision of *Honorable Syed Shareef Rajeh Al Abdali* comes to meet our beloved *Peer Mastwaar Qalandar* in Makkah tul…

Chakwal Newspapers

Annual Mehfil-e-Sama under the Supervision of Peer Mastwaar Qalandar Venue: Ewan-e-Iqbal Lahore News in Chakwal Newspapers To open the links Click below *Chakwal Nama *Daily Sama *Daily Azkaar *Daily Ittehad…

Shiekh ul Hadees Allama Muhammad Miraj ul Islam Sahab

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Peer Syed Zareef of Hirath Afghanistan

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Jhang Visit 2017

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