Meditation Session 05 Oct 2019

Friday meditation session. Students of Makhdum Mahmood Mastwaar Qalandar from USA UK Switzerland, participated in meditation, listened to the mysteries of spirituality from the teachings of Beloved Master.

Meditation Session 04 Oct 2019

Makhdum Mahmood Mastwaar Qalandar continues to give devoted time to Students, Seekers to help them go beyond the illusion of this world by focusing on the Meditation and one essential…

Meditation Session 03 Oct 2019

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Meditation Session 01 Oct 2019

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Meditation Session 30 Sep 2019

Interfaith Sufi Meditation gathering has been helping all students in supervision of Makhdum Mahmood Mastwaar Qalandar. Students have been touched with an experience of feeling taste of their own soul…

meditation session UK 29 Sep 2019


Meditation Session 28 Sep 2019

Meditation Gathering at Shahiem Petersen Home SPIRITUAL Meditation Session under Supervision of Makhdoom Mehmood Mastwaar Qalandar on His Tour to UK to teach seekers on Importance of Self Realization Lovers…

Imran Mirza Home Visit 2019

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Shaykh Ahmad Al Hassani Al Yemeni Meeting 2019

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Chaudhry Muhammad Tufail MNA Sahiwal

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