Admission Open in Jamia Sayeda Tun Nisa (S.A.)

****Course’s Offer****
Department of Dars-e-Nazami
(Adeeb-e-Arabi, Alam-e-Arabi, Durah Hadees,Taswwuaf)

Department of Quranic Studies
(Qirat Tul Quran, Tajweed Ul Quran, Hifz Ul Quran, Fehm Ul Quran)

****Short Courses Offer**
Hussan e Qirat o Naat Khawani, Husaan e Naqabat o Khtabat, Basic of Fiqh

Enrollment from Class 6- Class 10 is also open. — with Amir Suhail Makhdumi.

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