Spiritual Sitting at Imran Mirza’s home

Spiritual Uk Tour visit to Imran Mirza’s home for Spiritual Sitting

Some of the topics that were discussed

– Imran Mirza’s life miracles since He met Fakeer e Khuda, Janab Mastwaar Qalandar.

-Imran Mirza discussing the value of Tasawuff and being a sincere Mureed and learning from the various lessons from the books of Pir Mastwaar Qalandar Janab

-Pir Mastwaar Qalandar’s discussion on self recognition, purification of the heart, importance of Murshid, importance of being a true seeker and being sincere on the path of the Lessons from the Murshid

– Dua by Pir Mastwaar Qalandar

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