Spiritual Sitting at Imran Mirza’s home

Spiritual Uk Tour visit to Imran Mirza’s home for Spiritual Sitting Some of the topics that were discussed – Imran Mirza’s life miracles since He met Fakeer e Khuda, Janab…

Dr Major Zafar Ullah Khan

“Spiritual Sitting with Peer Mastwaar Qalandar in Derby, UK. There was present one special guest as well in the spiritual discussion session, namely Dr Major Zafar Ullah Khan” ” template=”default”…

Raja Nasir, SAMA TV UK

Yesterday locals attended meeting session which was held in Abdul Rehman’s home under the guidance of Peer Mastwaar Qalandar. Raja Nasir from SAMA TV, UK also attended the soulful session….

Ex Prime Minister Sardar Ateeq ur Rehman

Ex Prime Minister Kashmir Sardar Ateeq ur Rehman visited Chakwal with Syed Maqsood Shah Hamdani to meet Makhdoom Mastwaar Qalandar. Peer Mastwaar Qalandar talked on Spirituality, Kashmir Situation and his…

Saadat-e-Makkah tul Mukarrama

Delegation of Saadat e Makkah from Makkah tul Mukkarama under the supervision of *Honorable Syed Shareef Rajeh Al Abdali* comes to meet our beloved *Peer Mastwaar Qalandar* in Makkah tul…

Shiekh ul Hadees Allama Muhammad Miraj ul Islam Sahab

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Peer Syed Zareef of Hirath Afghanistan

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Meditation Teachings

Manjhi Bhaee from Hindu Community

Romanian Spiritual Seeker