Literally allegiance to book. The literal meaning of the oath and covenant of pymaan. The option to commit to a relationship.

Allah says in the Holy Koran. “O ye who believe with reverence, God and truthful. He is another place to turn.”
“They do deliberate allegiance they love Allah, then Allah’s hand is above their hands”.
It is proven that the Prophet peace be upon him allegiance. Allah’s Apostle took the oath of allegiance to the rear, preferably several of his companions, Rizwan pledge, allegiance to the Turkish question, allegiance.

Our grandfather mentor the Hazrat Syed Muhammad Shah Khaki (RA) says:
“Family after long service family and to pledge a guide to the perfect be the oath of allegiance to Islam. But the family of Mohammad is a guarantee of peace directed to pledge the hand of God upon him happy. the Imam Azam Razi Allah upon allegiance to Mubarak hands of Imam Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, if you get a chance it is extremely fortunate. Allah preserve Allah Almighty to purify your dear beloved father lulak the Mohammad Mustafa Prophet who upon and then you sew Athar syahl the Tehrani and their loved ones have bow their necks beloved the universe “.

Today we are fortunate that we have found Mastwaar Qallandar, who is  Hassani and Husseini Sayyed. Who thine allegiance to them is that we are all proud. Happy is that your tree is on the same path that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) concerning.
Hadith that “If for one, there is no mentor, then to guide him is the devil”.
So let the convoy included mayy Qalandar is given the knowledge that the wine of sight. The mentor may be in any part of the world whether it is aware of his disciple. This guide, which is the mission of love is being mastwaar convoy moving his eyes from needless hardships and proud traditional walk. There came a time when at least the length and breadth and depth that you can feel your inner spirituality. Just do not make your heart Fund scholarships and need long walk and take everything that you will keep in your thoughts. As you would imagine with God think you’ll get it.
In the next step you are to pledge allegiance to being told how.